Monday, February 23, 2009

More Success

We had more success that day. We jump shot a couple of coyotes, and I called in a double a little later in the day. One of those got away after I initially dropped both. It is a good reminder to always make sure they are down for good before celebrating. After a minute of celebrating and high-fiving, the coyote that I shot first got up and took off. We gave chase for an hour or so and never could finish the deal. My shot placement was less than perfect on that first dog. It probably came as a result of anticipating the next shot on the second dog. Be sure of one before you go for two. I forgot that simple rule, especially after my first shot dropped the lead coyote. I violated two rules of coyote hunting, and I paid the price by losing a dog and what could have been the difference between winning and losing the tournament. Moreover, I still feel bad for not sealing the deal with that lead coyote. The shot was not long (maybe 50 yards), and I should have made a better shot. Because of my terrible shot placement, I've run the risk of leaving an injured coyote that cannot hunt as it normally would and now must turn to stock or domestic animals for food. Please learn from my mistake. Make good shots, make sure of the first one before you try for a second, and when a coyote is down, keep you eye on it just in case you did not kill it with your first shot. Follow up on your shots.


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