Monday, February 23, 2009

The Three-Legged Coyote

...It was a three-legged male and was probably the coyote that I observed hanging back from the rest of the pack. The leg did not look very good. It was an old injury that had healed over. I did this dog a favor. The death was quick and honorable. It was as fair chase as it gets. I snuck up on him and got close enough for a handgun shot, which I would have used if I had possessed one at the time.

I continued on to the stand location and called. I did finally get one to come in to about 300 yards. It had a mouse or vole in its mouth. It was not interested in the call so it took off and I allowed it to go unharrassed. I gave a follow and found where it had gone. there was a group of three coyotes (probably the same three from that previous pack of four). This coyote made the fourth for this group. I watched and tried to get closer. However, they spooked. I watched for a moment and then I realized why they spooked. Another group of hunters were calling from a good distance away. The calls were rabbit squalls. It sounded good, but the coyotes did not think so. They headed the opposite direction. Perhaps they had been called before and were educated, or perhaps the loss of a packmate earlier made them want to avoid any noise for the rest of the day. Either way, they were gone from my sight and were headed for ground that I had no permission for.


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