Monday, February 23, 2009

Coyote Hunting Contest Info Meeting 10PM

Twenty-four teams signed up for the 1st Annual Pomeroy Coyote Hunting Tournament. Most of the teams were from Pomeroy, but a few came of surrounding areas. The rules were simple: teams of three, one vehicle and one 4-wheeler allowed, no game violations, no trespassing, and don't be late for the 6PM deadline. The informational meeting was ajourned at 10PM, which was the official start of the hunt. Many teams decided to spotlight through the night. My team elected to start the next morning and hunt throughout the day.

I spent the night in my truck. It was not a good night's sleep. Teams drove by all through the night spotlighting fields (in WA it is legal to spotlight from roads, but you must be off the road to shoot). Several teams spotlighted my truck and I could hear them indicate that they knew that I was in the area. That helped keep a few people from hunting my area that evening, which was nice since I was not actually hunting at the time. I did manage to get some sleep though until the alarm went off at 5:30AM, the start of my team's hunt.


Blogger TLC said...

Will there be a second annual contest this year, if so, could I find out where and when? I would like to participate

6:27 AM  

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