Friday, February 19, 2010

Wolf Advocate Tries to Cheat System

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (AP) -- The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has confiscated a wolf carcass from central Idaho wolf advocate Lynne Stone.
Stone put a wolf-hunting tag on the carcass after it and other Basin Butte pack members near Stanley were killed in November by state officials in a control action.
Officials say Stone tracked down the alpha female and attempted to claim it as her own kill. Officials say she took the carcass home and called the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to report it as a kill.
Reporting the kill meant it would apply to the hunting quota for that area.
But Fish and Game officials disagreed that it qualified as her kill and confiscated the carcass in December.
Regional Conservation Officer Gary Hompland tells The Times-News that wolves killed in control actions become the property of Idaho under state law.
Stone says she first called state officials to make sure she could claim the wolf but received inconsistent answers.


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