Sunday, January 25, 2009

Calving Season

Calving season is under way in many parts of my state. I got a call from a landowner whose land I have hunted recently. The landowner just lost two calves to coyotes. Actually, mama had twins and while protecting one of them from coyotes, inadvertantly stepped on and killed the other. The coyotes had a feast. I will be heading there in the near future to try to take a few more from that area. They are thick in that neck of the woods. I thought that taking a few old dogs off the property would help out, but I think that I need to remove about seven more just to make a dent. Hopefully, I can get a few more with my limited time to hunt this week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How are you going to hunting them. I went out this morning with no success. It was a wooded area that had a pretty large open field that I was going to set up on the outer edge of. Every time I've been there I've seen a coyote. I was walking down to my first stand and was walking threw think cover. I jumped a coyote about 60 yards away and couldn't get a shot. I set up anyway and started calling with a cotton tail distress. Nothing showed and I left. I saw coyote tracks all over the place and it was a very fresh snow also, just acouple hours old. What can I do to have better success? I don't want to carry a shotgun and a rifle. Should I use a bait pile? The farmers put some dead cattle down there but not recently.

9:32 AM  
Blogger Charles Shawley said...

I am planning on setting up a decoy and using a calf-in-distress call from FoxPro. Hopefully that will work. Bait piles are not always legal, so check the reg's. In one state, it is not legal to hunt a bait pile but it is legal to hunt the approaches to a bait pile. Try really long stands. Start your call sequence with crows. Then switch to a howl or two by mouth with the crows still playing. Next, spray some coyote urine (mist) so it travels downwind. Wait quietly for 5-7 minutes. Finally, switch to a calf bawl, deer bawl, or canine pups in distress. Give them something new to listen to. If that does not work, leave the calls at home and use an alternative method such as spot and stalk, still hunting, or jump shooting.

10:22 AM  

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