Saturday, January 17, 2009

SHOT Show Day Three

Day three at the SHOT Show was very productive. I had the honor of meeting Gerald Stewart of Johnny Stewart Game Calls. He spoke very candidly with me about coyote hunting. It is always a joy to learn about calling coyotes from a veteran hunter like Mr. Stewart.

Instead of speaking specifically about a product today, I thought I would offer an idea. Without getting into who does what, there are optics companies in the business who are applying coatings to their products that specifically focus on certain wavelengths. For example, one company focuses on the transmission of blue light as this is the primary light in the atmosphere at the crepuscular times of day. Another focuses on brown and red light transmission as this is the primary coloration of game animals. A third company focuses on green light transmission as humans are most sensitive to green light in terms of detection limits. In other words, human eyes are designed to detect green light the best.

Here is my idea, which could be a horrible idea. You decide for yourself. Instead of using anti-reflective coatings to specifically target a wavelength region, why not make some filters that thread into the end of the scope next to the objective lens that is lightly colored to optically correspond with the color on which you wish to focus. Such filters exist for cameras, so it is simply a matter of adapting them to riflescopes. This does come at a cost though. Whenever you filter light, you reduce its transmission. Your image will be color brightened but it will be darker overall. This could be a problem in low light.

I would also like to see a UV light filter that is removable, just like a camera filter. this would help reduce glare but it may be redundant as many optics manufacturers already use UV filter coatings on their optics.

It is just a thought. What do you think?


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