Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Rest of the Results

Since my dismissal from PX magazine due to FoxPro, and in light of my recent ban from Predator Masters, also the probable result of FoxPro, I've decided to post the results of my e-caller testing for my E-Call Box column that appeared in PX. Some of the fields are blank, a result of my not finishing all the tests. However, all tests that required some continuity in conditions were completed during the same time period. These results are not quantitative as much as they are qualitative. Use these results as a comparison rather than an absolute value. The test tone I used is different than other tester's tones, and environmental conditions were unique to my test. Different humidity, temperature, elevation, etc. would change these values. However, I did try to control my variables. I even went so far as to find a Fresnel-free zone. You can Google it.

To access the spreadsheet with the testing results, click on the "E-Call Box Testing Results" link on the bottom of the following page:


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